It all started with the fish when the innovative shapers and board builders out there decided to revisit the past for some inspiration. In doing so they brought back some lost skills such as resin tints and hand foiled fins.The Fish Fry has been a place for these fine craftsmen to showcase their skills. We have seen some amazing boards as shapers have pushed the boundaries over the last few years. As this new look at the fish has evolved to its many forms, it has influenced other shapes and designs along the way.This has spawned a renewed interest in other board forms by this same group and a wider following.Notably the Mini Simmons, Hulls, old school Logs and Pigs. It is pleasing to note that there are an increasing number of people building their own boards as well.All of this is to be applauded and celebrated as a positive for surfing.So it is only natural that these shapers and board builders continue to share their skills with us and include these other shapes at the Fish Fry.It has truly become a melting pot of ideas for like minded people.

Very sad but "No Byron Bay Surf Festival this year"

"Organisers of the Byron Bay Surf Festival (BBSF) say this year’s fifth annual event will not go ahead, blaming lack of major sponsorship as well as council and government red tape for the decision.
Festival director Mike Jahn and co-founders Vanessa Thompson and James McMillan said in a media statement that after four years of successful events and winning the recent Surf Culture Award from Surfing Australia, ‘the decision was neither taken lightly nor easy to come by’.
The festival had become a regular part of Byron Shire’s community event calendar, and was widely known for its fun, creativity and innovative flair.
‘It both reflected and inspired the unique Byron Bay surfing community and its vast global reaches. BBSF always intended to be a free community festival to encourage, support and inspire handcraft, the arts, sustainability, beauty and goodness amongst fellow ocean-minded people. To this end, it has proved itself year in year out,’ organisers said.
But they added that ‘regulatory hurdles’ imposed by Byron Shire Council and the NSW Government, alongside the lack of major sponsor support for the 2015 event were impossible to overcome, ‘rendering the festival logistically and financially unviable this year.’
Despite being ‘stifled’, BBSF organisers have not given up just yet but are focusing on keeping their unique surf culture festival alive.
Festival director Mike Jahn said, ‘Arts and culture needs to be supported and encouraged rather than suppressed, as [this is what] leads to a stimulated and colourful society, which in turn creates participant citizens.
‘We encourage the community to come forward with any major funding contacts and investors who may see the benefit of sustaining this event for many years to come,’ Mr. Jahn added.
The BBSF has thanked everyone who supported it over the last few years.
‘Previous festivals were a great achievement and even though BBSF will not be celebrated this year, the trust to regain momentum and continue in 2016 is unbroken,’ organiser said."

Investors or anyone wishing to support BBSF can contact the festival at

Keep an eye out for 2016 festival dates on

 It is a shame that this has had to happen as the team behind this event have put so much effort into making it what it is. I have been to them all and it has just about doubled in size each year, which just goes to show that it is greatly supported buy the local community and surfing community at large. It is a shame that the local Council don't reflect the feelings of the local community and why they all live where they do. Surely it is the surf, the beaches and the natural beauty that drew them all to Byron. This is a festival that reflected all those things and there was a feeling that the local community now owned the event , but sadly not the council.

Tony Abbott, PM of Australia enjoying life in our waves

Another great shot by Murray from Sprout Daily based in Manly Australia. How many other countries leaders get out in the waves like this ? Nice one Tony. Nice one Murray.

The Waipu Cove Fish Fry in New Zealand - this weekend Sunday 8th March

A great event in it's second year and at ideal location on a great piece of Northland's East coast . I had an epic day there last year and looking forward to jumping on the plane this morning to join Mike and the crew this weekend.

Saltfest this Sunday 1st of March

"Saltfest is a unique Surf Festival held at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. The event is a fusion of surf products, surf lifestyle and surf culture all in the one amazing location.

Our first year sees the event held on 1 March 2015 to coincide with the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, held at the Kirra Community Hall perched on top of a grassy hill overlooking the spectacular Pacific Ocean. The event catches the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer in terms of surf culture and history.

The day will cater for ocean lovers and families who are looking for a unique experience and a taste of what the Gold Coasters enjoy from one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Come and meet local shapers, surf photographers, surf clothing businesses, surf rider groups and local tasty food vendors. Most businesses will have their products for sale so make sure you pack some cash in your sock."

Surfers celebrate form and function

When you hear the words "fish fry" a battered fillet of lemon fish probably comes to mind, not a non-commercial, non-competitive surfing event.

But the Cove Fish Fry is garnering a name nationally and internationally as a Northland-based gathering of surfers and shapers celebrating the various forms of the surfboard, most notably the twin keel "fish".

"It is a day of show and tell, so surfers and shapers bring surfboards that are loosely based or influenced by the fish," said organiser, surf enthusiast and Northern Advocate photographer Michael Cunningham.

The second annual Waipu Cove event on March 8 will include other alternative boards such as hand planes, traditional Hawaiian belly boards, mini Simmons, longboards -- traditional and new styles-- and wooden boards.

"It should be a real mixture of new and vintage New Zealand surfboards, plus some international surfboards as well," Mr Cunningham said.
The Cove Fish Fry, Douglas Pearson, Whangarei, who will be there on the day with some of his vast collection of surfborads.

And it's not only the boards that will be international. Overseas visitors to this year's event include well-known Californian shaper Rich Pavel and the founder of the Gold Coast's Alley Fish Fry, Grant Newby.

They will joined by shapers from across New Zealand, including Northland's own Roger Hall of Surfline and Jamie Scott from Tribal Surfboards, as well as Bobby Crisp from Deluxe Industries, Jay Jackman from Christchurch-based Sadhana Surfboards and Steve Morris from Morris Surfboards, displaying their handiwork for people to view and possibly have a surf on.

"It's kind of grown and evolved into almost like a car show, but for surfboards," Mr Cunningham said.
"It's not really a swap-meet, more a networking day that's good for people that are interested in surfing and learning how to surf to get an idea of what different things are out there.

"It's also a good day for surfers who have been surfing for a while and who are looking for something different to ride or try. It's good for shapers to be able to see what people are interested in, and what direction surfing is going in. And it's also interesting for people that don't know a lot about surfing to come along and see how varied and different surfing actually is."

It's an annual event Mr Cunningham would like to see continue for a number of years.
"At the moment the Fish Fry spirit is pretty strong, but, as with all events, it will fizzle out at some point. It'll have its longevity, it might last five years, it might last 10 years. I'd like to think it would go a little bit longer than that.

"It's an excuse to get all of the people in the surfing industry locally and nationally and whoever we can get from overseas in one place at the same time to talk about surfing and surfboards, and exchange ideas, and hopefully come away with a new direction."

The Cove Fish Fry will be held at Waipu Cove beach on March 8 from 8am.

Content from The Northern Advocate Newspaper New Zealand

The "Cove Fish Fry " New Zealand

Sunday 8th March Waipu Cove

If you are heading over to New Zealand for the 2nd Annual Waipu Cove Fish Fry on Sunday 8th of March , then maybe you should check out having a surf at the LOGGER HEADS II event being held at Mangawhai Heads on 7th March 2015.

"There is a chance we might shift the contest to Te Arai or similar as there have been excellent banks along the coast, and chances are if conditions allow we could score some fun Logging waves....

Entries close on Monday 2nd March 2015 so please spread the word. "

Thanks to SLIDE Magazine, Brixton, ThreadBox and Skunkworks Mangawhai for their support of this event.
Contact: Contest Director – Tony Baker 021907066 /

Ray Gleave, a master of the craft

If you have ever had the pleasure of being out on a nice day and shared a wave with Ray Gleave it is a humbling experience and one not to be forgotten. He surfs with such grace aand style. Flows on a wave like a dancer.Here is a little clip from his long time sponsor Mc Tavish , a little insight for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the fourth episode of our short film series 'Dedicated To The Craft'. This episode features longboard champion, legend and McTavish team rider of over 20 years - Ray Gleave!
This series of films were created by local Byron Bay film maker Stefan Jose with the idea of introducing and expanding on the lives of the people who ride and build our boards, and share the lifestyle pioneered by Bob and his friends in the '60s. These are the characters that inspire us to stay true to the culture, and aspire to constantly build boards dedicated to function, beauty and quality that last for generations.

When finless gets funky

This great looking creation is the brain child of dynamic New Zealand shaper Roger Hall of Surfline Surf Boards. He has shaped and surfed many Hot Curl designs in all sorts of sizes and decided it was time to double up the experience. Hence the double Hot Curl. Like a twin fin fish is to a single fin with out fins.You know what I mean.
 Roger said id holds in well and lots of fun to ride.

 You can see it at this years Cove Fish Fry at Waipu Cove , Nortland New Zealand on Sunday 8th of March.

If you didn't get to this years Byron Bay Surf Festival - This is what you missed.

Three days of music, art, crafts, film, lifestyle, tipi markets, shaper displays and a whole array of activities from woodwork fin and hand plane workshops to free beach yoga & pilates classes, health and fitness presentations, indigo tie dye board bag making and surf literature talks, book launches, discussion panels, interviews, short film comps and freestyle surf sessions proved delectably exhausting. There was a hell-of-a-lot going on which created a buzz in town that lasted well beyond the festival weekend.
The 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival received high praise of surf industry veterans, including Tom & Nick Carroll, Nat Young, Jack McCoy and Albe Falzon describing the surf culture festivities as a very unique one of a kind gathering.

Keep your eyes on all the creative and innovative developments for BBSF 2015

Wanda Fish Fry coming up

22nd November // Wanda Fish Fry 2014 -The 3rd Annual Gathering!

"This year we have approached things a little differently in the hopes of making the event better then ever.

Firstly this year we re-labeled the day, this was done to help broaden the audience and crowd that attends.

Wanda Fish Fry now present the SURF SWAP MEET 2014 - Annual Gathering!

The focus is still the same as all other years. “alternative” but i say “alternative to what? a 6’2 thruster?”

-Twin fin fishes, Single Fin 7’0-10’0, Fish Quad, Bonzer’s, Knee boards, Fin less, Mini- Simmons, Eggs, Alaia, Paipo, Handplanes, Soaps, Spoons, Logs, Dogs, Guns, Trackers… anything but three

Also changing the location to Oak Park, this has a BBQ area (bring some food as the shops are a little drive away), kid friendly, plenty of parking, rest rooms and a reef break 30metres away!!!! This change was made to make the event more surf focused, no comp but just some fun waves on different crafts. I encourage people or shapers bringing boards to bring some demo boards down.

I have also had feedback that having it at Oak Park was a bad idea, that its going to bring a new crowd to this ‘secret spot’ anyone with access to a computer could find this spot within a matter of clicks. We live in a day and age where secret surf spots is dying. The intentions isn’t to fill this surf spot full of kooks, this event is for like minded people with intentions of having fun and surfing with respect.

This is also an open invite to any garage shaper, master crafter, collector or enthusiast to bring your boards down to join in the fun. Its a free event to join, attend, share ideas, designs and thoughts."

****Special Coffee Company Guests attending*****


Where:   Oak Park, Cronulla.
When:    Saturday 22 November 2014
Time:      From 8:30am - till whenever
Cost:      Free
Insta:    @wandafishfry

Paddle out for Geoff Moase this Sunday

A paddle out for Geoff is planned for this Sunday 21st September at Tallebudgera Beach, meeting at 8:30am out the front of the surf club.

Byron Bay Surf Festival - 6 weeks to go !

Spring has arrived and the Byron Bay Surf Festival, beginning October 24th, is budding with exciting new announcements. With a traditional opening ceremony by the Arakwal Bundjalung people followed by a free outdoor screening/Australian premiere of the Beyond the Surface film and raging launch party by NZ blues rock band Bonjah at the Beach Hotel, the festival kicks off with a BANG.

Saturday 25th absorbs the seaside with a beautiful, rambling market hub bursting with surf-inspired creative initiatives, ideas, arts, music, workshops, demos and delicious edibles. Some of the highlights include health and wellbeing seminars such as that of raw chef/nutritionist Samantha Gowing, surf injury expert/physiotherapist Ryan Huxley and Yoga sage Geoff Brooks. Selected stalls will showcase some of the best and most innovative brands in surfing such as the newly launched Banks brand, international labels like Sanuk, Moonjelly and Free People. Additionally, there will be an entire arena on the northern end of the festival site dedicated to charities, sustainability and gift clothing initiatives such as Smile, Hippy Tree, Kiss Max and Toms. Down the way will be many small local and international artisan and surfboard shaper stalls to browse upon, design workshops, large surf culture art show and also a special retro/rockabilly area, 50's cars and bikes hosted by Uppercut Deluxe. Here you will also find a special Golden Breed surf history display with surfboard evaluation area. Sublime tastes will be found throughout the market hub with an array of local cooked, cut, raw or organic cuisines by the likes of AllPress Espresso, The Chia Co, Santos Organics and Loving Earth just to name a few. With two music stages onsite, there will be plenty of sweet tunes to listen, alternatively you might like to tune into some of the mind tweaking all-day presentations in the popular ‘Surf Literature Lounge’ featuring speakers, stories, far reaching ideas and chaired discussions by experts, writers, publishers and surf legends such as Tom & Nick Carroll, Brad Gerlach, Duct Tape surfer Pascale Honore or giant wave photographer Russell Ord.

At night, keep your eyes open for key events in town. Some of these include a presentation by freesurfer and activist Lauren Hill on ‘Third World Girls, social justice and surfing’ discussing seedlings of surf culture around the world, a special GoPro youth comp hosted by renown photographer Willem Ungermann, a last screening of the GoPro surf shorts film comp finalists, feature film premiere yet to be announced and even more music acts into the night.
For Sunday 26th, Wategos beach hosts its annual surf swap meet with shapers from all around the world, surf demo sessions and quirky surf-off-sessions. The infamous Corona Party Wave $1000 dash for cash event will round this off as a memorable and fun day by the ocean. This is the day to get wet, to be inspired by surfing, shaping and to simply chill out… until yet more nighttime festivities begin with indie rockers Griswolds at the Beach Hotel after party.

Get amped and keep your eyes out for the latest program at

Wooden Board Day on Slide magazine site

Check out the wooden board day HERE on Slide magazines web site

2014 Wooden Surfboard Day this weekend


6th Annual Wooden Surfboard Day - Currumbin Alley , Gold Coast, QLD.

Saturday 2nd August @ Gold Coast Surf Museum from 6.30pm

Guest Speaker: Sergi Galano from Flama Surfboards in Spain

Come along for a BBQ and a few beers at the Surf World Surf Museum. This is a great way to connect with other board builders and like-minded people prior to the day in the park, hear from an innovative board builder from Spain, and enjoy the wonderful display of boards and surfing history. Check out

Sunday 3rd August in the Park @ the Alley from 8.00am

Bring along your wooden surfboards. Whether you have built a board yourself or if you have a great looking board built by someone else. If you would like to know more about wooden boards of any kind and the various building methods, then this is the day for you to meet some very talented people and share your experiences.

Remember it's a non-competitive and non-commercial get together of like minded people.

If you would like to know more contact :

VINTAGE SURF HAPPENING IN HONOLULU Saturday, July 26 ~ 9am-3pm at Hawaiian South Shore

Hawaii's vintage surf aficionado Randy Rarick will be turning back the clock on Saturday, July 26th, at Hawaiian South Shore on Ward Avenue, 9am to 3pm, with a VINTAGE SURF HAPPENING, presented by Vissla: a free gathering for those with a soul for surf !
Featuring collectors from around the Islands, the Vintage Surf Happening will offer a Buy-Sell-Trade of:

Wood boards from the '30s and '40s; balsa boards from the '50s,
and '60s tankers and guns.
Books, posters, decals, trophies, surf magazines, photographs and more.
Paipo boards, knee boards, hand boards and other early vintage surf craft.
**All items must be 25 years or older - ie. pre-90s.

Also check out:
The Vissla Short Board Experience
Featuring short boards from the psychedelic '60s; early '70s single fins; Lightning Bolts, Aipa Stings; '80s Twins; and first generation Thrusters.

Free Appraisals
Want to know what your surf stuff is worth?
Bring it down for a free appraisal by onsite collector specialists.
Sell it - Trade It - Take home something new!

Legends Special Autograph Session.
Food Trucks, Displays, Fun and Camaraderie!
Live music set by Tiki Taboo, vintage surf music at 12 noon. 

HAPPENING at Hawaiian South Shore: Mauka Parking Lot
320 Ward Avenue, across from Sports Authority
For More Information: or call (808) 587-9055.
Produced in conjunction with Hawaii Surfing Promotions.
For vendor registration and display requirements: or call (808) 638-7266
FREE for all to attend